A Perfect Guide On Choosing the Right Door Lock For Your House

Installing door locks is vital for your house as it makes your house secure and safe. It is always worth investing in a high-quality front door lock and back door lock for your house. There are different types of door locks available in the market. Take effort in choosing the right kind of door lock. D & L Mobile Locksmith offers professional advice on purchasing a perfect door lock for your house. You can find more here on the list of door locks you can choose for the front and back doors of your home.

5-Lever Mortice Deadlock
If you own a wooden door, this lock is the right choice. The door can be locked from both sides using a key. The lock is fitted at the door’s edge and not on the surface door. You can use this type of lock for your front door and back door. It is a more secure lock type. The price of a five-lever mortice lock ranges from 20 dollars. The price varies based on the brand you choose and the mortice lock’s standard.

5-Lever Mortice Deadlock With BS3621 Standard
It operates the same as that of a 5-lever mortice deadlock. Look for British standard kitemark engraved on the lock’s faceplate to identify a BS3621 standard lock. It is a more secure lock compared to a 5-lever mortice deadlock. It is tested against various theft methods. It is the safest door lock option for the external front door and back door. The lock can withstand lock picking and drilling. The price range starts from 50 dollars.

Multipoint Locking System
A key is used to operate a multipoint locking system. This type of door lock functions using a key. Find the locks fitted on the body of the door. The lock engages into the door frame with multiple bolts. Composite entrance doors make use of this type of lock. It is also the right choice for patio and French door types. You can find this type of door on UPVC doors. It also fits on aluminum and timber doors. The multi-locking points make it difficult to force the door. The cylinder used in the lock can be easily upgraded or changed. You must be aware of the locking system to lock the door properly.

Rim Automatic Deadlatch With Key-Locking Handle
Fit this type of lock on the inside of your door. A key locking cylinder is used to open the door outside using a key. External front and back doors use the automatic rim deadlatch. It is easy to use this type of lock.

Euro Cylinder Lock
Composite and UPVC doors make use of the euro cylinder lock. It comes with a multipoint locking system. Modern homes prefer the use of this type of lock. External doors can make use of this type of lock. The lock is ideal for internal locks for commercial buildings. The lock prevents lock snapping, drilling, or picking. It is an easy operable lock. Upgradation is possible. Ensure the lock the right way to avoid lock snapping and other burglar attacks.

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