Dealing with toothache: Here is what you should do.


Toothaches are one of its kinds that drain you out both physically and emotionally. A bad tooth and the associated toothaches often arise for different reasons and vary for different ages. According to Toronto dentist, stress-induced grinding teeth are the most common cause of toothache during COVID. An alarming number of patients are approaching dentists with muscle, joints, and toothaches. Find out more on how grinding teeth can pose a serious problem for your dental health.

Why is it essential to consult a general dentist for your toothache?

COVID has been extremely stressful for people that often resulted in increased cases of grinding teeth among individuals. Practitioners were bombarded with medical cases complaining of earaches, headaches, and joint pains during the lockdown period. A majority of these cases were found to be due to the grinding of teeth. Grinding teeth can lead to the breaking or fracturing of teeth and ultimately wearing down the tooth enamels. The worn-down tooth is more exposed to sensitivity and can cause severe toothaches in the patients.

Hence, it is important to sensitize people about the worst effects of teeth grinding as the first step to treatment. The individuals are recommended to consult a dentist who could guide the patients with the right treatment. In most of the cases, the dentists advise patients to wear a nightguard to reduce the pressure on teeth, joints, or muscles. They also recommend eating soft foods or taking massages or warm compresses to ease down the pressure.

Find out various other methods to reduce toothaches as advised by the top dental practitioners in the country.

When to visit a dentist?

People indeed take dental care services only when the need arises. However, top healthcare practitioners recommend visiting dental care providers regularly to ensure that your dental health is sound. Frequent dental cleaning and routine examinations are important to keep dental health in check. They also help diagnose other chronic complications associated with bad oral health.

Toothaches are pain surrounding teeth and their nearby areas and indicate issues with either the teeth or the gum. It is imperative to note that toothache might be a symptom of underlying issues and must not be ignored in any case.
Here are a few tips suggested by dentists to relieve toothaches.

Cold compress
Cold compress is an impressive way to reduce toothaches. They reduce inflammation and swelling surrounding your gums. The cold compress has to be placed over the pain points for nearly 20 minutes and repeated until toothaches reduce.

Rinse with saltwater
The antibacterial property of saltwater helps reduce infections greatly, thereby relieving you from acute pains. The warm water has to be swished and swirled inside the mouth for at least 30 seconds for a better result.

Clove oil or peppermint oil
These have antibacterial and numbing properties that are best for toothaches. They have to be applied over the pain points using a cotton ball or cotton swabs. Similarly, peppermint tea can be used as a mouth rinse to reduce pain.

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