Throw an Easter party with these fabulous fun ideas

Candy-filled baskets, bright colors, warm weather, fun crafts, games, the beginning of spring- Easter fills in a whole lot of beautiful emotion, and a party is inevitable to celebrate this joyous season. But prepping up for a fun party is not as fun as it sounds. Tons of planning, menu brainstorming, d├ęcor designing, and deciding the theme for the fun party fill in your days preceding Easter, and it is not a simple feat. From deciding what adorns your centerpiece to thoughtful takeaway Easter Gift Baskets, an Easter fun party demands thoughtful contemplations. Find a full list here to know the top places in Canada that sell the best gift items for your Easter party.

But wait! Haven’t you yet decided on the party theme? Or, are you struggling with the gift basket idea? Worry not. This article details seven fabulous Easter party ideas that can make your party the best Easter party of your lifetime.

Seven fabulous Easter party ideas
There is no denying that Easter is a celebration of spring and welcoming the summers, but the warmth these parties exude by gathering your loved ones indeed knows no bounds. Easter can be termed as a perfect excuse to meet family and friends and celebrate the new season together. Make these parties fun with the following ideas and ensure that your party is etched in everyone’s memories forever.

Egg hunt
Easter parties are incomplete without an egg hunt. Spice up your egg hunt by bringing variety into the tradition. For example, dyed and painted artificial eggs filled with candies or chocolates or foil-wrapped chocolate in the shape of eggs can be hidden in various places. Or, how about stashing the eggs inside a treasure chest filled with chocolate coins! Make sure that the party is fun for both kids and adults alike.

Egg painting
Contemplating skipping the egg painting? Think again. Set aside your shopping plans for the next event and set up a craft corner for the participants. Provide enough materials like dyes, cardboards, and of course, eggs. It will also be a great idea to encourage participants to make head wears of their choice.

Stock enough snacks
Hunger is sure to tire party attendees. Plan enough snacks so that the party goes on. Include chocolate in abundance, as Easter allows you to be extravagant about sweetness. Add a tinge of novelty by sticking marshmallows on skewers and dipping in the chocolate. Young party goers are sure going to enjoy their chocolate treat.

Mind your decors
What fun when the decors are dull? Make sure that every decor, spreads, and flowers add a joyous vibe to the party. Spread white linens on the table. Contrast it with colorful seasonal blooms and multicolored napkins. Rope in the wire baskets and fill in your painted eggs.

A sumptuous feast is a must.
Wish to swap your traditional ham, lamb, and chicken dinner with delicious asparagus risotto? Then Easter parties are the best time to experiment. The deviled egg platter is a must-entry on your beautiful tablescape.

Party favors
Don’t miss out on the favor gifts. Guests, especially the young party-goers, would expect an alluring gift at the end of the party. For the adults, how about packing indoor plants like succulents or seeds as a return gift? With several gift basket services shipping baskets overseas, you can even send your favors to loved ones who could not attend the Easter party.

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